Polypropylene files for thick dossiers

The Otanra range of files consists of two inserts and an external file (suspension file, type of wallet file) which are made of blue polypropylene. They are durable and are suitable for thick dossiers. Both the inserts and the external file can take a document capacity of up to 5 cm. They are hence ideal for example in solicitors’ offices and managerial offices. They are robust and smart and are ideal for anybody who has to archive lots of papers.


The most durable solution for filing and finding of large files is the Otanra polypropylene cassette. The raw material is anthracite-transparent polypropylene with a thickness of 1,2 mm in order to create some sturdiness. Next to the existing A4 and Folio cassettes, these Otanra cassettes are available in the sizes 350x290 mm and 460x400 mm. The A4 and Folio cassettes are available with open and closed front in the formats 60 or 80 mm. All cassettes are provided with Jockey punching.

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