Working drawings, film, lithographs, macro montages, collated proofs, cromalins, CDs and offset plates are all valuable materials. And in the dynamics of the graphics industry, such materials need to be stored and relocated quickly and safely. The Grafi-System from Jalema was specially developed for this very purpose. It is an integrated filing system specially geared to the demands and desires of the graphics industry. Grafi-System is the perfect filing solution for the entire graphics process, from pre-press to printing. With Grafi-System, searching, finding, removing and replacing are literally a matter of seconds. And because the files are suspended laterally on a profile, Grafi-System requires extremely little floor space. Grafi-System will therefore save you time, space and money for many years to come.



Dust, creases, folds and scratches are disastrous to all visual materials. The Job-files series was specially developed to prevent such damage. They are therefore equipped with not only a normal pocket but also one with a dust flap. In this way, you can keep your lithos dust-free and separate from other working materials while filing them as a single project in a single file. The formats are tailored to the most common printing press formats. The Job-files are constructed of 230-gram brown Whitekraft cardboard and have a smooth white inner surface. The largest file 5262200 is even available in 300-gram Whitekraft cardboard. The files are equipped with a stainless steel suspension point and a clear imprint.

The newest addition to the Jalema suspension files are the ‘Art Files’. The Art Files are suitable for filing many different materials like proofs, artwork, drawings, folders, presentations and possible films and plates. A robust and representative file which offers a solution for efficient filing and finding. Next to this aspect it is a perfect file to take to a presentation at a customer. The Art Files are produced out of fine transparent white ribbed polypropylene and is available in 3 formats. The files have a flap with a convenient closing for simple and efficient filing. All Art Files are provided with Jockey punching, so you can work with the (colour)coding you require.


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