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AlumaMARK is a new CO2 laser markable aluminum media. This sheet stock material is 100% aluminum and has the exclusive characteristic of marking black when exposed to CO2 laser energy. Marking permanent positive black requires no special treatments or handling by the users. The imaged aluminum sheet remains smooth to the touch and graphics have impressive resolution qualities.

AlumaMARK is compatible with almost all CO2 lasers.

AlumaMARK unique imaging qualities allow the finest resolution qualities in the industry on metal. Graphics print positive rather than negative like other media, and can be created as black, brown, or silver on the same sheet at the same time by varying laser power.

AlumaMARK uses little power, usually from 5 to 20 watts at 50% speed to achieve ideal results. This allows the use of the smallest, least expensive lasers in the market.

AlumaMARK is available in various thicknesses gold or silver colors.
AlumaMARK is a stable, long shelf life product. It can be prefabricated into shapes and cutouts prior to imaging.



Material: 1100 alloy aluminum gold and silver finish matte and satin, available with or without adhesive
Size: 10" x 12"(254mm x 305mm), 12" x 20"(305mm x 508mm), 20" x 24"(508mm x 610mm) (special order upon request)
Thickness: .005"(.127mm) and .020"(.508mm)
Performance: AlumaMARK has been meticulously tested for performance to heat, chemicals, UV exposure, and abrasion. It has performed exceptionally well and is appropriate for many demanding indoor and outdoor applications. As always, we recommend testing all end use applications before specifying.


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